Women's Health at GWHA

Collaborating with our provider team and services allows us to provide a unique and optimal Path to Improved Health for our clients. 

Our team of physiotherapists at GWHA are primary care providers with a clinical focus and passion for the treatment of female, male & non-binary pelvic health-related diagnoses, concerns, injuries, and incidents.

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Our team of physiotherapists at GWHA are primary care providers with a clinical focus and passion for the treatment of shoulder, back and knee pain. 

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“EPA for KIDS” at GWHA puts children and families first!  Our Registered Physiotherapists are passionate about working directly with families and children to give them the tools they need to work towards their unique goals. 

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Pilates is an exercise method that integrates postural and breathing awareness into a program designed to strengthen the core muscles.

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Illness, disability, pain or significant life transitions can disrupt your ability to engage in the life roles and activities that are important to you.

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The journey of breastfeeding can be incredibly beautiful, but also incredibly challenging. Many breastfeeding dyads struggle with things like latch and positioning, nipple pain/damage, blocked ducts and mastitis.

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Sheri is holistic in her approach to working with individuals, taking into consideration the mind-body connection and providing counselling support through a Trauma-Informed,Strengths-Based, Narrative, and Solution-Focused lens.

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The art of yoga works hand in hand with pelvic physiotherapy.  In yoga, we can become aware of our pelvic floor and learn to specifically relax through breath and strengthen through an appropriate contraction. 

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Whether you are looking to make changes to your weight, get the most out of your workouts or simply looking to take better care of your health, Heidi’s approach is centred around honouring your body… rather than simply following a set of “Healthy Eating Rules”.

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About Us

Guelph Women’s Health Associates was the first of its kind to open in Guelph.  GWHA is a unique clinic which focuses on health issues that are unique to women.  Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates has spearheaded the Centre and provided our unique physiotherapy program for Pelvic Physiotherapy (Incontinence, Pelvic Pain, Prolapse and Pregnancy), Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis.  In addition to physiotherapy, GWHA houses other providers including Occupational Therapists, Lactation Counsellors, Registered Social Workers, Pilates, Yoga, and more – all there with a focus on improving Women’s Health.

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