About GWHA

Guelph Women’s Health Associates was the first of its kind in Guelph.  In 2017 Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates (EPA) recognized that their Pelvic Physiotherapy Programs needed a unique home.  As a result of this decision, the GWHA site was “born” and began offering unique pelvic physiotherapy services in a friendly and welcoming centre that focused on health issues that are unique to women. 

Initially, GWHA focussed on unique programs like Pelvic Physiotherapy for incontinence, Pelvic, Pain and Pregnancy, Menopause, Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis.  While GWHA continues to house these programs, we have and continue to build a team of healthcare providers dedicated to supporting women.   These additional team members include Occupational Therapists, Social Support Workers, Lactation Consultants, Pilates, Yoga, and more – all there with a focus on improving Women’s Health.

At Guelph Women’s Health Associates (GWHA), we guarantee that our physiotherapists are dedicated to providing the most recent and evidence-based treatments available with the goal of EVERY CLIENT ACHIEVING THEIR UNIQUE GOALS. Our belief in excellence carries throughout everything we do; manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education. Our clinic mandate requires that all physiotherapists complete their advanced manual therapy and other post-graduate physiotherapy credentialing programs.  For this reason, our physiotherapists boast some of the highest skills in manual therapy and pelvic physiotherapy.  If you as a client want your service by a provider who breeds clinical excellence, then we are your choice.

How is GWHA different?

GWHA’s professional team works collectively with you, applying our many decades of combined experience to your unique situation to find the solutions that are most effective, and easeful for you.

We recognize the need for a friendly, calm, and supportive environment where women can freely talk about their issues, while also getting excellent treatment. Our office location has accessible parking, an elevator to our suite (for those days when you just don’t feel like taking the stairs!) and a friendly bright environment welcoming you upon arrival.

Sometimes our busy schedule doesn’t allow us to take time away from our family, and we understand that. New moms are welcome to bring their infants along with them during treatment sessions, as well as our facility is absolutely comfortable and welcoming of nursing moms– in fact, we support it!

GWHA’s professional team offers unique extended treatment sessions so that while you are with us, you don’t feel rushed during your treatment, and feel as relaxed as possible.

Although we do offer a wide range of services, in some instances, your personalized treatment plan might require a separate visit to another Guelph community provider. We want you to receive the best care possible, and because of that, we are very open-minded when it comes to referring our patients to other providers operating in the community. After all, our patients are number one– your success is our success.

Why are women choosing Guelph Women’s Health Association?

Women often tend to look after everyone but themselves, until one day a light bulb goes off and they realize – “it’s time to look after me”.  When this moment occurs many women face the reality that they can’t ignore the signals that their body has been giving them.  Stress levels and lack of self-care hit a critical point and they feel like their health is in jeopardy mentally, physically and emotionally.

Those nagging symptoms like a little bit of urinary leakage have progressed now to stopping them from minor physical activity like an evening walk.  Being inactive has heightened their sense of fatigue and overall feeling of sadness or depression, which is adding to both emotional and sexual strain in their relationships. In these moments women may feel helpless, but women also know that given the right resources they are strong and can return to an optimal state of health.


Have you ever wondered or felt:

  • Where can I access these unique services?
  • With a busy schedule, how can I manage or attend multiple appointments
  • I am really not comfortable talking to my doctor about my concern
  • I don’t think there is any treatment that will work and help me
  • I want a treatment that allows me to be in control
  • Are there other options than medication?  I am not interested in medication if there are other options
  • After seeing my doctor, I am now waiting months for a specialist appointment.  What else can I do?

If this resonates with you GWHA can offer you strategies to get you back to optimal health.