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The human body is very smart. It has the capability of understanding when something isn’t right. It will send you signals and if you ignore these signals, it will try harder the next time. These signals can come in the form of pain, dizziness, vertigo, burning sensations, fatigue, and stiffness, among others. Before these signals affect your ability to enjoy everyday life, listen to them and take action.

At Guelph Women’s Health Associates, our experienced team works collectively, combining their years of experience to help find a solution to your unique condition. We make sure we accommodate your busy schedule, your comfort levels, your needs, and the uniqueness of your body before we assess or treat you, to make sure you have a positive experience with physiotherapy. Because here at GWHA, we only have one motto:




You might have already heard about our various pelvic health physiotherapy programs that help patients with incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, prolapse, pregnancy and beyond.

But this blog post will focus on highlighting the other conditions we work with.

Are you concerned about your shoulder pain affecting your ability to perform simple tasks?

The shoulder is one of the top treated joints amongst our clientele, as it is one of the most mobile joints in the human body. As a result, we are frequently using it to perform day-to-day tasks. This constant wear and tear can lead to swelling, damage, or bone changes within this joint complex. When you come to see one of our physiotherapists, they perform a detailed manual examination to gain a better understanding of your muscles, ligaments and nerves to deduce the root cause of your functional and structural limitations, creating a unique treatment plan for you. So, book an appointment today to ensure your shoulder is no longer preventing you from fulfilling your daily responsibilities.


Are migraines or headaches affecting your daily life?

We can understand how constant throbbing and pressure in your head can negatively impact your functioning both at home and at work. As physiotherapists, we can help reduce the intensity of your headaches by releasing the tension affecting your muscles and joints and helping strengthen the weaker muscles to restore your mobility and reduce the chance of symptom recurrence. We can also provide you with helpful techniques to improve your sleep and work with you to ensure your workplace is set up efficiently to prevent any neck pain, jaw pain, or unwanted injuries due to faulty techniques and postures. We can also help provide you with some mindfulness tips and tricks to help with stress management as many headaches are often stress-related.


Do you hear a sudden clicking sound in your jaw while chewing, talking or yawning?

These sounds in your jaw, alongside having sharp pain, or experiencing stiffness and aching are all symptoms of Tempero – Mandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction. The muscles that surround your TMJ are rich in blood supply and nerves. These muscles and joints can often weaken as a result of improper head and neck posture, degeneration of cartilage, or due to injuries to the surrounding structures. As physiotherapists, we can work towards increasing your knowledge and help you learn more about your own TMJ. We can also provide you with some self-management techniques to ensure relief. When needed, your therapist will also perform manual therapy to help improve your joint mobility and reduce stiffness. Your sessions might also include learning exercises that help with postural correction which in turn helps relax the muscles associated with your TMJ.


Is your knee pain preventing you from returning to your favourite activity?

We use our knees to perform several tasks in our life, such as walking, sitting, climbing stairs, squatting, kneeling, driving, etc. Having pain and discomfort in the knee can prevent us from doing many activities that are necessary. Knee pain can get very frustrating. We understand the importance of your knee and the role it plays in allowing you to participate in activities that you love. As physiotherapists, it is our role to help you understand what factors can be leading to and aggravating your knee pain. We can also help strengthen or relieve tense muscles to ensure your knee is both stable and mobile. Whether it is an occupational job or sport you play, working with us will allow you to learn new techniques and strategies to protect your knee, and prevent injuries.


Are you experiencing any burning, numbness, or tingling sensations in your arms and/ or your legs?

Are you finding yourself losing balance due to extreme knee pain, that often starts from your lower back, or dropping objects regularly? This could be a result of an irritated or compressed nerve.

Nerves are fibers that send signals from your brain and your spinal cord to the rest of your body. When they do not function adequately, you can experience numbness or tingle in your extremities, which can often be associated with weak muscles and sharp pain. But the good news is that damage to nerves can be repaired. However, they need to be treated as a priority. As physiotherapists, we work on calming down your irritated nerve, and can even help dislodge a compressed nerve to prevent irreparable damage. Once your nerve has calmed down, we can also help bring back your sensation along with your strength to help you return to your daily activities. So, if you suspect you have an issue with your nerves, come see us right away.


When many think of physiotherapy, they often imagine an elite athlete working alongside a physiotherapist. If you never looked at yourself through that lens, you may have not considered seeking physiotherapy to either treat or prevent your injuries. However, as physiotherapists, we treat a wide range of problems and are trained and licensed to treat any areas of concern you might have to ensure and prevent the development of any serious problems.

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