Yoga & Physiotherapy?

The art of yoga works hand in hand with pelvic physiotherapy.  In yoga, we can become aware of our pelvic floor and learn to specifically relax through breath and strengthen through appropriate contraction.  Yoga classes at Guelph Women’s Health Associates are developed in collaboration with physiotherapy to address the common challenges that women bring forth when suffering from pelvic floor conditions.

Yoga Instructor

Kristin Honey

A teacher of yoga, movement and meditation for over 18 years, Kristin infuses her teaching with alignment, heart and curiosity. Her passion and interest in pelvic health began with the teachings of Susanne Kemmerer and Ramanand Patel, and continues with ongoing study, personal exploration, and collaborative work with clients, pelvic floor physiotherapists and other health care practitioners. Kristin’s teaching is rooted in her experience in various yoga traditions including Iyengar and Ashtanga, somatic movement, meditation and mindfulness that infuse her practice, teaching and daily life.